Can I obtain my bitcoin wallet files back from my HDD from the old OS?

So i guess now its good time again to give my lost wallet files another attempt.

I’m an idiot for doing such a thing but then I heard perhaps I can unformat my HDD and retrieve my files back.

I definitely have an idea of the passwords I used and that won’t be the issue.

I was buying btc around 2014-2015. I then decided to install a new mobo and I believe I wasn’t able to unless I reinstalled Windows. I used the windows usb to re-install everything but I’m not sure. It was a very long time ago.

I also don’t know if it was Bitcoin Core or MultiBit app that I was using on the desktop. Either way, I believe the files should be in the same place i.e. APP DATA > ROAMING > etc etc.

Is it possible to use a program like EaseUs to recover these files?

Is anybody willing to help me figure out if the files are completely gone forever or its still hidden under the old partition (which hopefully isn’t over written).

Would it be perhaps under the Window.old folder? (i’m not sure if I have that folder, I need to double check back at work).

I was using WINDOWS 10 and nothing else I think.

If anyone can help me retrieve, I will personally send 0.3 BTC to you from that wallet. 🙂

Thanks for reading guys.

Hope you can help.