Can I Use 2 Different NVIDIA GPUs on this motherboard?

As per The Fine Manual – it depends on your GPU – and its something I’ve never seen before.

If you have a gen 1 or gen 2 ryzen CPU, the first slot and second slot work at x8 like nearly every other board I’ve seen.

With an 3rd or 4th gen GPU – The card in the first x16 slot will run at x16 (Put your 2080TI there!) and second slot will run at x4 (which is a bit meh, but I don’t think the 1050ti will be bottlenecked that badly).

enter image description here

Its also worth remembering, depending on your CPU option, you may also have a vega adaptor – ‘mixed’ GPUs are supported in windows, and/or using that as the adaptor for your VM host in the other OS may be an option