Can I use an HDD on/off (6) switch controller with drives connected to an Adaptec 71605 16 port card?

attempting to build huge x299 to upgrade my Asrock Z87 Extreme 11ac
many of the storage drives are only required to be on “occasinally”
so to save on power consumption etc I’ve got hold of a 5.25 unit
with 6 on off switches and I wish to connect 2 hard drives to each “switch”
allowing me to keep 12 drives OFF or ON as required

my issue is that if I were to use an Adaptec ASR-71605 (in JBOD – non RAID)
will it allow some of the drives to function in this way
or will they simply not show up without rebooting

an alternative is to use two different non raid controllers (8 port each)

complete novice when it comes to understanding the complexities of raid controllers
as I’ve only ever required them to expand SATA ports and nothing else

apologies if i’m in the wrong place but I’m chomping at the bit to proceed with my huge pooter build

JouJye Super Gaming Chassis
ASUS X299 ROG Rampage VI Extreme
i9 9960X
G.Skill 8 x 8GB (64GB) DDR4 2666Mhz
3x 1TB m.2
18 Drives of 10 and 12Tb with one 14TB…. totalling 195TB

in the ideal world I am led to believe that a QNap is a must
but with what I’ve spent on the X299 build it’s gonna be
some considerable time (if ever) before I can afford such a unit