Can I use Canon EOS 200D for professional photo? Think of 60D and the placement of the prosumer segments

That's why I'm buying my new DSLR for professional use. I got on well with the 60D until I sold it a few years ago.

I found CANON EOS 200D and have seen the differences here:

So I see the following:

  • Pixel pitch: Bigger for 60D
  • Pixel area: Bigger for 60D
  • Pixel Density: Higher for 60D

But … how much will that really matter to me, if I intend to:

  • video interviews
  • Green screen video.
  • Model photo for digital publishing.

Anyone with experience who can help me out here?

My logic is as follows: Features increase over time for less money. So .. Do I really have to spend 1000 Euros (or USD) for a Canon DSLR for professional sessions?