Can I use Google’s Timeline to get the times I’ve been to a specific location?

No, Google Maps doesn’t let you do that.
It frustrated me as well, so I’ve written a python script that does just that.

You can find it here:

You give it the point of interest (latitude/longitude), a date range, and you get what you want!

A brief overview of what is involved, if you have not used Python before:

  1. Install Python 3 (should already be there for Mac and Linux. For Windows, see here)

  2. Install numpy (pip3 install numpy, or Windows guide)

  3. Edit with the basic Python editor with your:

    a. Location of your Google Location History JSON file

    b. Desired date range with dates in the format YYYY,M,D

    c. Point of Interest (Use the “right-click > What’s here” feature on Google maps to get the GPS coordinates, and paste into the Python script)

    d. Timestamp grouping (output detail verbosity)

  4. Run the script (in a terminal: python3

An example of the output (with medium detail (level 2), and the timeframe set to one day) is:

Loading 'C:<your folder path>Location History.json' ...
JSON file loaded
Extracting relevant data...
Total of points: 310779
Number of close points: 72
Point 124834  --  Date: 2018-11-24 00:24:03  --  Distance to POI: 1532m
    Group of 60 points
Point 129468  --  Date: 2018-12-01 02:58:17  --  Distance to POI: 1401m
    Group of 12 points