Can not query with Graph Page in Prometheus Web UI

  1. Prometheus installed. Latest version 2.12
  2. Creates two simple scratches.
  3. I can roll up the endpoints and see all the detailed statistics. Great.
  4. I can open the Prometheus Web UI and see that the goals are UP. Great.
  5. But when I go to the graphics screen, I immediately get an error message before I do something:
    Error loading time.
  6. Every time I try to run a query on the graphics screen, I get an error message.

I check the Chrome Developer Console and see this for one of the questions:


query? query = time () & _ = 1567549812588
/ prometheus / api / v1


{"status": "error", "errorType": "bad_data", "error": "invalid parameter & # 39; query & # 39 ;: error parsing at character 1: no expression found in input"}

Any ideas?