Can not recover the MySQL 5.6 (InnoDB) database

I have tried different suggestions from other questions, without luck …

This is a MySQL database running version 5.6.41 with the InnoDB engine and the instance is running a Docker image. ( In the image, my main database files (ibd and frm files) are linked with icons outside of the instance.

Here is the error: InnoDB: Error: trying to access page number 0 in space 842,
InnoDB: space name /

InnoDB: which is outside the tablespace bounds.
InnoDB: Byte offset 0, len 16384, i/o type 10.
InnoDB: If you get this error at mysqld startup, please check that
InnoDB: your my.cnf matches the ibdata files that you have in the
InnoDB: MySQL server.
2019-09-12 14:59:26 7f2fe639e700 InnoDB: Assertion failure in thread 139843702744832 in file line 5666

I tried to use those innodb_force_recovery flag on all values ​​(including 5-6). The above error occurs when I use and input the mysql command-line tool DROP TABLE .

, The main problem is that I can not access the database to try any of these recovery options at all.

This probably happened after a crash on the host (MacOS 10.13.6) that caused an unexpected shutdown of my Docker container while writing files.

I think either my ibdata or ib_log files are corrupted, but I can not figure out how to recover the database without wiping everything clean and recovering from a mysqldump (which may not even work).

I'm not interested in the data in this table, I can recover data from a development / test MySQL server. I just do not want to bother starting over.

Here are a few other Stackex questions I've seen: MySQL can not delete a table

Attempting to resolve the MySQL "outside tablespace bounds" error fails to restore the table with mysqldump

Any suggestions?
(If you need more information, such as my variable settings / my.cnf files or database structure information, please ask.)