Can someone hack people in bulk with SMS RELAY hacking?

As it is not hard to interpret other people’s SMS with targeted attack, is it also possible that someone made a tool that can hack SMS’s in bulk? let me explain theoretical routes:

  1. Use a Relay Antenna with strong signal, to cause all nearby mobile devices to be switched to your fake Relay.

  2. Track all recipient numbers (depending the incoming SMS/logs) and record all those numbers.

  3. Use public libraries (there are plenty of dump infos, i.e. HaveIbeenPawned or alike) to find the holders for those numbers, or even just try out all those numbers if they have accounts on FB/GOOGLE/Bank accounts, etc

  4. With automated bot (for each of the catched number) try to recovery access for all those listed websites.

Is that theoretically possible, or hackers even already possess such tools? Any evidence?