Can use animation to positively extend user experience

When users use an app or website, different efforts and cognitive burdens are required at each point of the user journey.

While various negative factors may cause UX to potentially shorten a user's journey, Would it be possible for different types of animation, such as micro-interactions and transitions, to have a positive impact on extending the user's journey?

This may be analogous to how certain games reward users with video clips, animations, or virtual rewards at the end of a task or goal.

Can delivering small doses of sexy animations at the end of each task / goal extend a user's journey?

e.g. Compare showing a registration confirmation animation at the end of a longer registration form and display only a static confirmation message. Would the version that had the animation have a positive impact on the rest of the users?

Have you previously carried out examinations, or do you have experiences or examples that could relate to them?