Can you sync a dual boot Linux system and with a windows virtual machine?

I have a laptop setup with dual boot enabled so that I have the choice to choose windows or Linux on startup. I also have installed virtual box on both OS’s. My question is, can I install a windows VM on the Linux and a Linux VM on windows so I can access the alternative OS for quick use, as opposed to rebooting and switching? For example: if I’m on my windows machine and code a C++ program, could I open a VM that accesses the same files and programs that I have installed on my (dual boot) Linux OS, to quickly test the program using the Linux tools that may not be available on windows? Ik this is sort of a lazy question, but I wanted to minimize the disruption to my workflow with easier access. So ideally the Linux VM and Linux (dual boot) OS would reference the same files drive and any changes to one would therefore apply to both? (I have 16 go RAM & 1.5 terabytes ssd (1:1 tb drive and 1:500gb drive, so I could give each their own physical disk) and I can go up to 2 tb (1 on each disk) if I need the space, didn’t think that would be an issue though) I figured all I need is to make the Linux vm share the same disk space and root directory, but when it comes to Linux / virtual box I’m am not a super user, more of a standard user. Thanks and I hope others can benefit from a similar setup.