Can’t install Jenkins 2nd time

I’m making first steps with Jenkins.

It successfully installed the first time, but after adding GitHub access token and credentials and the following restart I could not log in.

To resolve that I disabled security, but was not able to create a new user (did not to work with security disabled), and after half-hour googling and struggle I decided to uninstall Jenkins, delete Jenkins data (from C:UsersMY_USERAppDataLocalJenkins and C:Program FilesJenkins).

After uninstallation, I tried to install Jenkins again – it could not complete installation as it could not start the service. I realized that Jenkins service was still running.

So I deleted the content of both above-mentioned folders again, restarted windows, made sure there is no Jenkins service anymore and tried installation again.

Same problem: Jenkins can’t start the service. I even tried to launch installer under Admin, the result is the same:

Service ‘Jenkins’ (Jenkins) failed to start. Verify that you have
sufficient privileges to start system services.

Question: What is the problem and how can I install Jenkins?

P.S. Jenkins version I’m trying to use is 2.273 and installing Jenkins under ‘Admin’ user