Can’t use my HDD drive for storage (Please Help)

I recently switched to Ubuntu because Windows 10 is dogwater and I need help for my HDD drive to work, by that I mean I can’t install a game through steam using my HDD. It will only give me the option to install through SSD and my windows drive has the windows folders on it which I deleted. But then I realized that I had a “Windows Network” which is making me think that I’ve dual booted and not have fully committed to Ubuntu which I remember in the installation process that I have selected the option to get rid of Windows. Also when I try to download WoW through lutris it wont work. I made a folder for WoW selected that folder as the installation process which doesn’t work, I would check my drives to see it download windows folders with system32. On the other hand when I use my SSD drive, it works. Kinda thinking about attempted suicide so please help

This is the file of my two drives SSD named “Computer and my HDD named “Main storage”