carliv image kitchen repack boot.img

Repack imageHello,

I trying to repack the boot.img with carliv_image_kitchen-linux64 (
And i got this error here:

Processing the boot folder.

Repacking the image....
The kernel is: ./boot.img-kernel
Getting the ramdisk compression....
Compression used:

Getting the image repacking arguments....
Base:              0x40078000
Pagesize:          2048

Command line:      bootopt=64S3,32N2,64N2 buildvariant=user

Kernel offset:     0x00008000
Tags offset:       0x07808000

Device tree blob:  ./boot.img-dt

Executing the repacking command....

Repack image utility by carliv@xda

Check and add the kernel
Check and add the ramdisk
 Error: could not load ramdisk ''

 >> Exit script

Press any key to continue...

How can i Repack image ??? i have try root and no root.

Thanks for your time