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Cash Stream

Cash Stream is a platform that makes it possible to invest in promising projects with high returns and minimal risks! Deposits are made for a period of 15 to 400 days. Daily yield: 0.4-0.7% with the included deposit.
✈ Start: 15.02.20
➡ Bronze 0.4% daily for 15 days (profit 6%) | Deposit 15 USD
➡ Silver 0.6% per day for 175 days (profit 105%) | Deposits from 77 USD to 3850 USD
➡ Gold 0.7% daily for 400 days (profit 280%) | Deposits from 770 USD to 15400 USD
The body of the deposit is included in payments and is returned in equal parts throughout the entire period of the investment.
Minimum deposit: 15 USD
Maximum deposit: 15400 USD
Minimum payout amount: 0.12 USD
Accepts: Payeer, Perfect Money
Payment type: manual
Referral program: 2/2-1/1-1/1-1/1-1/1% (from the deposit and from income)

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