catalina – App restoration on Macbook Pro – will these apps be reinstalled whenever Big Sur launches?

Before I delete iMovie and GarageBand on a shared MacBook Pro (I’m the admin), if I upgrade from MacOS Catalina 10.15.7 to Big Sur (whenever it launches), will they auto-restore on Big Sur being installed?

I know that if I want to reinstall I can do so via App Store, this question is more about the workings of Mac OS X.

If I remove GarageBand and iMovie from my MacBook Air, can I restore them later? was the question I saw which related to this.

My question is not about should I delete them, but whether these will be automatically re-installed anyway on upgrade from new OS (I’m not talking incremental, e.g. from 10.15.7 to 10.15.8, but to a completely new OS).