catalog – Magento 2.3 How to show Out of Stock Products only in Search?

My site is supposed to show out of stock products in some places in the catalogue, so the Catalog > Inventory > Display Out of Stock Products setting is set to “Yes.”
But I do not want out of stock products to show up in the search. Before upgrading to M2.3, we accomplished this by overriding MagentoCatalogInventoryModelPluginLayer’s beforePrepareProductCollection() function:

 public function beforePrepareProductCollection(
        MagentoCatalogModelLayer $subject,
        MagentoCatalogModelResourceModelCollectionAbstractCollection $collection
    ) {

        $_category = $subject->getCurrentCategory();
        if (is_object($_category) and in_array($_category->getId(), array(161, 184)))// don't apply to Recently Sold, Our Archive categories

        parent::beforePrepareProductCollection($subject, $collection);
        $stockFlag = 'has_stock_status_filter';
        if (!$collection->hasFlag($stockFlag)) {
            $resource = $this->getStockStatusResource();
                true // force
            $collection->setFlag($stockFlag, true);

    protected function getStockStatusResource()
        if (empty($this->stockStatusResource)) {
            $this->stockStatusResource = $this->stockStatusFactory->create();
        return $this->stockStatusResource;

Now that Layer.php is gone in Magento 2.3, I don’t know where to start with trying to hide out of stock products in search. I thought maybe I could use MagentoCatalogInventoryModelPluginProductSearch, but that isn’t used at all as far as I can tell.