Apple T2 chip endorsement key

Does Apple’s T2 chip have an endorsement key (or equivalent mechanism) to prove that another T2 key can only be used inside the secure enclave? We are looking for something like what a TPM provides so that a remote system can be assured that the key in use is secured by the T2 chip.

❕NEWS – New Decentralized Social Media “Voice” Launched.. Can This Beat Facebook?? | Proxies-free

Voice is a new social media platform released by and is built on the EOS blockchain system. This is a beta version, but you can sign up and start using it immediately. Voice wants people to share their personal thoughts without having any fear of judgment and wants to compete mainly with Facebook. You will also get rewarded with voice tokens for posting quality content. What do you think about this? Can this be the next Facebook? I think it’s gonna take some time before that becomes a reality…

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Forex analysis – General Forex Questions & Help

Forex traders typically use two analytical techniques to analyze the market. Technical analysis and fundamentals analysis. Fundamental analysts, primarily as a tactical tool for making trading decisions based on basic data and finding the right entry and exit points. Technical analysts use price charts to make a trading decision. Whatever analysis you choose to step into the Forex market, always use Stop Loss orders for all trades and only risk a small percentage of your trading account in a single trade.  

forms – C# how do you create an exe that allows user to embed dll into the exe they are using?

I want to create an application from a single exe file that loads a form that looks like this.
enter image description here

This form would allow the user to select a dll file. After the dll file is selected the user would then click the “Import DLL” button and dll file will then be embedded into the exe file.

I can’t find anything online that will show me how to this functionality.

Does anyone have any ideas how to go about implementing this functionality?