mac – QuickTime recording – The active program can not be recorded

Probably a simple answer, but I want to use QuickTime to record so I can give instructions with another program. However, when I try to open QuickTime in this program, the window I want to capture is collapsed / closed. And since QuickTime opens on the empty desktop, I can not choose what I want to record.

I'd like to run QuickTime through the other program, simply. I did that about an hour ago, but it stopped working and I can not get it to work again.

Name Standards – How do you name your namespace?

I've started a small software project several times (mostly in C #) and had to develop a top-level namespace for the project, but I can not find a good one.

My goal was to give it the name of the program, but often I do not know what the name of the program is, or it changes frequently, so this is not a good answer.

If I can divide some parts into something more modular and reusable I do, but not the entire project, especially the UI, will be very reusable.

Another strategy was the company name, but I would like to restrict it a little more than the whole company. This does not work well for my home projects.

I've tried to use code names before, but I'm not a fan either, because there's no indication of what the namespace actually is.

Any thoughts?

Problem with code blocks

When I try to run a program, Code Blocks says I did not compile it, and prompts me to do it with the options Yes, No, and Cancel.
If you press "Yes", it will be "compiled" and when you turn this message appears again, there "compiled", appears again …

Python data frame sum if

Can someone please give me a simple sumif or at least a vlookup in the Python data frame?

Enter the image description here

Condition 1) For each line, check whether a SecurityCode exists in the DataFrame AND
Condition 2) for the above condition, check if Begin Date is present as the end date in the data frame
If true> Begin Value = Sum of the end value for the above criteria, otherwise return 0

Your help will be gladly used!


Custom List Field Formatter – Displays all values ​​and indicates that it is selected / not selected

new drupal user here please forgive my rookie assumptions or questions i may have.

I need to retrieve all values ​​(including those that are not selected) from a picklist field in a view.

I'm trying to create a view that lists all the values ​​in a picklist. The list is when something is available (eg winter, spring, etc.). It is just as important to know when something is available, as if it is not. As you know for sure, however, only the selected items and not everything I need will be returned.

I tried using the "rewrite results" to try out loops, IfElse, multiple duplicate fields, and so on. Is this possible at all and if so, how should this be done best? Thanks in advance for hints.

To edit:

Product Name: Product 1 Availability: Winter | – | Summer | Fall,

So I want all list options to be returned (selected or not). ("-" instead of "Spring" above because Spring is not selected for Product 1) so I can announce the availability or add a "-" for not available.

mobile – touch design, what do I have to consider if I want to program for touch devices?

I am a novice and self-taught. Since I want to create multiplatform projects, I have chosen the MEVN stack. Although I had read about the "Mobile First" practice, she always referred to responsive design. But now that I've progressed in development, I find that many things that work on the desktop with the "click" do not do so on a cell phone or tablet with the "touch". I'd like to know how to manage the JavaScript events of a multiplatform program because it's confusing and difficult to do for the two scenarios.

In addition, I would like to ask the experienced programmers if there is another aspect I should consider when programming for touch devices. If I do not finish my program, there are large parts of the code that are unusable because I routed incorrectly.

Many Thanks

Exponential Sum – Calculate the mass of time stretch and radius

I am new to this site and search the internet for this solution. I am looking for an equation that allows me to compute the mass of the object given the time-expansion at the surface of an object and its radius.

However, the current method of calculating time dilation (dτ / dt) does not work for my model and is not what I am looking for.

I am looking for the equation to calculate the mass of an object given its radius and the amount of time dilation based on a range of 0.1 – 1.0. Whereby I would be an infinite Zeitdilatation.

To derive this new time dilation scale, I use the formula 1- (1 / ((1 / (sq2) / (1 ^ 2))))), where v is the escape velocity in percent of c.

For example, if the escape speed is 0.886 c, the object has a time dilation of 0.5363147619

1- (1 / (sq (1 – (. 886 ^ 2)) / (1 ^ 2)))) = 0.5363147619

Based on this scale (0.1 – 1.0) and the radius of an object I am looking for the mass of the object.

To calculate the time dilation without the range 0.1 – 1.0, it is
1 / (sq (1 – (. 886 ^ 2) / (1 ^ 2))) = 2.15

This does not work for me. I need the output in the range of 0.1 – 1.0