Spooky ISP settings

I recently switched to a local internet service provider that is relatively young in the city. It is a wireless device with the WLAN antenna connected to a router in the home. This is a Fritzbox child.

I have observed that the remote access is configured for this. There were two users, one named "ftpuser" and another "TR069-", followed by a random string that I do not remember. I removed this user, but I'm not sure that's a big deal.

The router reported the TR-069 service as enabled, but the port used differs from that used for remote access over the Internet from which these two users benefited. Does anyone have an idea what benefit the user had that I removed? Also just in case I can somehow recover the credentials? Many thanks.

How can I reduce PayPal fraud?

Hello everybody.
In short, we receive stolen debit / credit card payments for the purchase of our online services. If the cardholder knows what's going on, PayPal puts the money on hold and we have no chance.
Started to refund the payments, and even after the refund (which even causes a loss of 5%) we sometimes get chargeback fees of $ 20!
Can someone give some ideas to prevent this? The ratio of fraud / fraud payments is like 50/50, which greatly reduces our profits …
Any ideas?

Many Thanks

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Where do I find a copywriter?

Hello everyone,
I'm actually working on websites, but I plan to start a freelance business alongside my main line of work. I was wondering where to find young freelance copywriters looking for projects and gaining experiences that I can use to build a partnership. As a designer, I hate a deep hate for sites like Fiverr or Specs like 99Designs, and I'm looking for places that are not, but finding that is a bit elusive. I would prefer if you talk on-site with a quick chat, but if not online.

Why do I do this? Because when you're working on graphic design, website design and development, there are often customers who sometimes have absolutely no text for the website they're looking for. Instead of rejecting them, I would rather have a freelance copywriter. I have a relationship with and I want to put them into service and then add their commission fee to the final product. This copywriter would not be a staff in itself, but a colleague who, as a customer, resumes work when there is something that needs a good text. It is great for students or as an entry-level project for people who want to gain basic knowledge or maybe "mass work".

Any suggestions?

Also, I would like to know when a website job is desired, what type of information you need to get started, and how many hours, for example, would you expect a 5-page website to do? I realize that this varies from individual to individual, but I'm looking for a park.

(PS if this is the wrong forum, please let me know, I'm new)


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Odd number of matches

I research based on the number of results returned by a Bing search.
I recently noticed that if I use the same term twice in the query, I get more results than searching for the term once.
When looking for "car" bing returns 79.6 million, but when I search for "car auto", I get 2,870,000,000.

Can someone explain this behavior?

thank you in advance :)