Looking for Youtube Fashion Content Creator


I was looking for Youtube Youtube Channel Holder and minimum decent subscribers. Husband or wife both welcome. I have to promote my website products.

My website: TheBags.in

1. The person must advertise my website with the nickname according to my website. And it actually blasphemes the benefits of his videos.
2. If you are a very popular YT creator and live in India. You will receive one of our bags and have to film it on 10 of your videos as a small one. #A review and others show the product and show the abundance of use.

It's a small startup, so I can not expect more from myself.

Thanks to understand. Please inbox or email admin (at) thebags.in

Many Thanks

coding core

What are the challenges of running this site?

The website has a premium premium domain,

I built this site as 7-8 years ago, it was stopped for personal reasons in the last 2 years.

I sell because I own someone's money. So I urgently need money.

I accept the sale of this high quality website for $ 7,000

Many Thanks

Themissyco.com (domain name)


Registered: Godaddy.com
Price: 100 US dollars
Payment method: Paypal
————————————————– ———–
How to buy this domain through the DigitalPoint Forum

1. You must have an account with digitalpoint forum, if you have not already created, just create one. He is free.
Register -> https://www.digitalpoint.com/register/
2. Click on "Domain Info: themissyco.com (Beta)" above this page, or just go to this link -> …

Themissyco.com (domain name)

What is the DOS command to update?

Reloading / updating the terminal allows new environment variables (such as% PATH%) to be imported if they have been modified outside of CMD (for example, by a third-party program or the built-in path editor in Windows), or to load a new set of commands that were created with the doskey command.

CMD has no real function to reload itself, such as Linux / GNU / Mac terminals, and so on.
To reload the CMD, you can open a new CMD and close the old one.

The following one-line script should help:

Start cmd && exit

Code (markup):

Now all you have to do is save this line in a file named reload.cmd or reload.bat (depending on your personal preferences) and save it to a directory listed in% path%. C: / Windows / System32

Now you can reload your CMD by typing reload. :)

Best regards,

Error with getaddrinfo in the Docker administrator


I am having problems accessing the administrator in my Docker container with the Laravel 5 / MySQL app. I got errors:

    SQLSTATE[HY000] [2002]    php_network_getaddresses: getaddrinfo failed 

Code (markup):

In my docker-compose.yml:

Version: & # 39; 3 & # 39;


to build:
Context: ./web
dockerfile: Dockerfile.yml

container_name: votes_app_container
- APACHE_RUN_USER = # 1000
- 8081: 80
Working Directory: $ {APP_PTH_CONTAINER}

Image: Mysql: 5.6.41
Reboot: always
- $ {DB_PATH_HOST}: / var / lib / mysql

Picture: Administrator
Reboot: always
- 8082: 8080
- db

Image: Composer: 1.6
container_name: votes_composer_container
Working Directory: $ {APP_PTH_CONTAINER}
Command: Composer Install --ignore-platform-reqs

Code (markup):

I rebuilt the app but could not log in to the admin: https://imgur.com/a/JWVGfBA

I'm running in the console of my operating system, pointing to another unused 8089 port:

$ docker run -p 8089: 8080 -e ADMINER_DEFAULT_SERVER = Database Administrator
PHP 7.2.11 The development server was launched on Thursday, November 1, at 07:00:46 in 2018
[Thu Nov 1 07:01:11 2018] :: ffff: 34048 [200]: /
[Thu Nov 1 07:01:20 2018] :: ffff: 34052 [302]: /
[Thu Nov 1 07:01:21 2018] :: ffff: 34060 [403]: /? server = db & username = root

Code (markup):

But again error logging in to the 8089 port of the administrator, but the error message was different:

View post on imgur.com

What is wrong ?

Many Thanks!

PayPal – Negative Credit

Hello, I'm a 15-year-old Canadian and have a negative balance of $ 147.01 due to PayPal.
It's been negative for a few months now.
I have not contacted anyone at PayPal yet.
PayPal has sent this credit to a collection agency – NCO Financial. I was wondering, do I have to repay this money? What would happen if I did not do it? I do not have a job yet, but I have a SIN, would that affect my credit rating when I'm of legal age? Please help

Many Thanks.

How to google many posts? | WJunction


My problem:

My website wants to post 200-500 daily, but this Google is not visible. Only the unique content visible.

So my website:


The visible content:


That's OK

Invisible content:


Why not visible? Too much posting daily?

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What kind of website is suitable for your business?

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    Do you have an idea of ​​your website from which you can run your online business?

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    how in which aspect do you ask? Is your business an e-commerce business, SaaS, affiliate blog, news / media page? You must first provide your business to receive referrals

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    Well, your question does not make sense. Please provide full details such as business domain, type of work, country, budget so we can help you.