centos – I had some drbd (i guess block devices?) on my server, after a crash they are all gone

I am not a sys admin but inherited some servers setup with no documentation in linux. Today the server died in a way it was unresponsive and the VMs running on it down…after a good few hours the server reboot itself, so could ssh to it again but realized what used to show up in /dev as

/dev/drbd1 etc etc

Are no longer there at all…I am guessing a drive or a series of drives went kaput. A command

cli64 vsf info

Shows that my areca disk array is checking three (volumes? block devices? thingies?) and doing it slowwwlllyyyy…

  # Name             Raid Name       Level   Capacity Ch/Id/Lun  State
  1 ARC-1883-VOL#000 vm-cache        Raid3    300.0GB 00/00/00   Normal
  2 ARC-1883-VOL#001 data            Raid6   12000.0GB 00/00/01   Checking(50.4%)
  3 ARC-1883-VOL#002 apogee          Raid6   9000.0GB 00/00/02   Checking(50.6%)
  4 ARC-1883-VOL#004 database        Raid1+0 3000.0GB 00/00/03   Normal
  5 ARC-1883-VOL#005 system          Raid1+0 3000.0GB 00/00/04   Normal
  6 ARC-1883-VOL#006 archive         Raid6   6000.0GB 00/00/05   Checking(74.3%)
  7 VM-Cache Backup  VM-Cache Backup Raid1+0 2000.0GB 00/00/06   Normal
  8 VS Apogee Backup RS Apogee BackupRaid0   3000.0GB 00/00/07   Normal
  9 ARC-1883-VOL#008 TPM             Raid1+0 1500.0GB 00/01/00   Normal
 10 SDSS-BACKUP-VOLU SDSS-BACKUP-RAIDRaid0   1000.0GB 00/01/01   Normal
GuiErrMsg<0x00>: Success.

It is my hope once the checks are done I will once again see the /dev/drbd folders so I can mount them and get my VM Image files off of them …. though I think that is wishful thinking. I am not sure what else to poke around to find and try to have it where drbd once again exists in my /dev directory.

Normally the command to get the VMs setup and ready to use is a :

drbdadm primary –force all

mount -o noatime /dev/drbd/by-res/vm-cache /vm-cache

then lo and behold the /vm-cache has all the .img files…..
Though with the /dev/drbd missing, this mount is of course failling.