centos – TACACS+ on RHEL, is it possible to make usernames case insensitive when authenticating?

I’m troubleshooting a separate issue, but the authentication server a client is using is case insensitive for usernames when it comes to authentication via TACACS+. However I don’t have access to the exact same equipment, so for replication purposes I need to disable case sensitivity, if possible on my TACACS+ server. I checked RFC8907 and all I can see with regards to case sensivity is that

3.7.”…Usernames MUST be encoded and handled using the UsernameCasePreserved
Profile specified in [RFC8265].”

Section 10 “Security Considerations” makes no clear reference to case sensitivity in username fields.

Manpages for Ubuntu and Gentoo don’t seem to mention case sensitivity, I couldn’t find anything from Centos and don’t have access to RHEL’s manpage site.

I was thinking that perhaps something within PAM might be modifiable to achieve case insensitivity but I’m unsure of which config or if it would have negative cascading affects on other dependencies.