change – I have a bitcoin utxo question

& # 39; A & # 39; has a bitcoin.
& # 39; A & # 39; tries to insert a 0.5-bit coin at & # 39; B & # 39; to send.

Two Utxo are created.

First, "utxo" sends 0.5 bitcoin "B".
Second, "utxo", where "A" forwards remaining bitcoins except for 0.5 bitcoins and charges to "A".

utxo 1) A -> B

utxo 2) A -> A

The URL below is the URL to see how UTXO is reflected in the Bitcoin block detector.

When you look at a block detector, sometimes there is TX information that you do not understand.

For the following URL, the coin in the wallet is used to transfer the same bitcoin from one wallet to another.

There is also a "TX" that only displays the amount of coins received from a wallet.

In the case of the URL below, I transfer Coin from my wallet "13E3dBUWUHV8XpgJib795yqRTmyX47jWMk" and no utxo is sent to my wallet.

utxo 1) A —-> B

utxo 2) A —-> C

If the money is so transferred, can we then know why this happens?