Change search results order for Admin -> Appearance -> Menus -> Pages -> View all

I have over 200+ pages (about 100 for each of my two languages).

How I can change the order of results? I need the same as on the page with Page list.
On the Page list e.g. you have a parent page and 300 child pages for it. It means that you will see child pages over paginations without interruption of another parent page and its children. It’s difficult to explain. But here what we see in the standard Page list (and it is good for me):
enter image description here
Parent page A

  • child A1
  • child A2
  • child A300

Ande then

Parent page B

  • child B1
  • child B2
  • child B300

But on Admin -> Appearance -> Menus -> Pages -> View all now I have pagination of four pages.
And if e.g on page #2 begin Parent A and then it children, it can be suddenly interrupted by Parent B. Then you can again see Parent A and its children on the next page (#3).
enter image description here

Again. I need the list of parents and their child not to be interrupted by each other. Parent B list should not interrupt Parent A.