Chat e-commerce system tester for extension

Hello everyone.

I work as an intern at a Bangkok-based commerce management platform called Sellsuki. It is quite successful in Thailand, and I was asked if it is possible to expand into international markets.
To this end, I would like to find some people who are testing the platform, who are outside Southeast Asia and are ready to try out the platform.

Sellsuki as an ecommerce platform that allows you to list products in stock, manage orders and payments. This type of sale is very popular in Southeast Asia, but in my previous research I found that this is not the case in the West. It works as a sale via chat. The currently available chat channels are Facebook Messenger and Line @.

A customer sends you / your page a message via Facebook Messenger (or Line) and asks for a product. From the Sellsuki platform you can respond, create the order and send an invoice for the product. You can manage the status of the order and then the shipment.

Facebook recently released the shop page where you can list products. In most countries, it is currently not possible to manage payments or anything through this shop. The only option is to chat with the seller. On the Sellsuki platform you can chat, create the order and send an invoice (payable online in chat).

There is a free 14-day trial that lets you use inventory, orders, customer and chat features. You can either use it for actual sale or just for testing :)

Sorry for the long post and thank you for your help.