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Suppose I have a list of the form x={{a,b},{n1,n2,...} where n1,n2… are integers.
I want to write a function that checks whether each of n1,n2, etc. is greater than a limit. If that’s the case x is set to 0., else the function returns x.

fc(x_List) :=Module({i, l}, l = Length(x((2)));
For(i = 1, i <= l, i++, If(x((2, i)) > smax, x = 0.; Break()));

Let’s try it:

smax = 2; x = {{1,5}, {1, 2, 3, 4}}; 
(*=> fc(0.) *)

and not 0. What am I doing wrong in the definition of fc ? Also, is there a way to write fc without usinf the For loop?

After discovering AnyTrue thanks to the answer of @SneezeFor16Min who mentions AllTrue the answer is

fc(x_List) := If(AnyTrue(x((2)), # > smax &), 0., x)