Chia Crypto Farming Wreaks Havoc in the Hard Drive Market

Popular cryptocoin Chia has been wreaking havoc in the hard drive market of late, chewing up all available supplies in some markets as miners – er, farmers – look for capacity to work the crypto algorithms needed for the coin.

It’s been reported that large-capacity hard drives “have virtually gone out of stock in Vietnam”.  Large manufacturer Seagate has been trying to adjust to market demand.  One expert was quoted as saying “Instead of just wasting electricity, Chia chews through SSDs at a fantastic rate, and also has thoroughly wrecked the market for big HDs.”

Also, the intense use of the drive has driven concern that SSD drives may wear out much quicker than expected, and the excessive workloads could void the warranty.  This is deeply concerning in the LowEnd market where dedicated servers are frequently reused and it’s not uncommon to be provisioned a server with a year or two of hard drive wear.

This month, LowEndBox will feature input from our Industry Roundtable members on the impact Chia is having on their business, as well as a quick tutorial later this week on how to examine the drive you’ve been provisioned in your dedicated server.





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