china – How could you take a nucleic acid test and an IgM anti-body test and have it certified by an embassy 48-hours before traveling?

China has introduced new rules for traveling.

The Chinese embassy in Belgium has updated their news to include a Notice on Airline Boarding Requirements for Certificates of Negative Nucleic Acid and Anti-Body Blood Tests Results.

Under Test Requirements it is noted that:

  1. Passengers traveling to China via direct flights must, within 48 hours before boarding, conduct the sampling and testing of a nucleic acid test and a IgM anti-body test at qualified medical institutions in Belgium. After receiving the certificates for negative test results for both the nucleic acid and the anti-body test, passengers may present the test reports to the Embassy of China in Belgium to apply for a green health code with the “HS” mark or a certified health declaration form.

How could you take a nucleic acid test and an IgM anti-body test 48-hours and have it certified by an embassy before traveling? 48-hours is surely not enough time to be able to complete all these tasks before an international flight.

The same criteria is also required of passengers catching connecting flights in a 3rd country. Belgium themselves have said that:

For passengers departing from a third country and traveling to China via Belgium, as the transit area at Brussels Airport is not yet equipped for conducting nuceic rapid tests and the anti-body tests for transit passengers, and passengers of Chinese nationality are not permitted for entering Belgium border unless in humanitarian circumstances, it is recommended that passengers bounding for China avoid transiting via Belgium.

Are these requirements even doable?