chrome for android – Gogle finance desktop shortcut stuck in weird state


I got into very strange state after sync of my old phone (Pixel 2) to my new one (Pixel 5). The phone (or chrome) thinks that the Gogle Finance shortcut for the widget is on the desktop but it is not. What I want is the shortcut not for the webpage that opens in chrome but the one for the widget app (not sure if it iis PWA or just part of the Google app on clean Android phones).

The problem and what I tired so far

When I open Chrome and go to google finance website, I don’t get the option to add shortcut on the desktop. I can go around that by using incognito window or Google Go app. But in both cases when I press add shortcut, it doesn’t do anything. I also tried deleting all permissions and data of the google finance webpage but it didn’t help. Uninstalling Chrome updates and installing it again didn’t do anything as well as deleting all Chrome saved data.


I tried to log in with different account in Chrome, that displayed the popup to add the shortcut. When I press add the shortcut, it will try to open the google finance in the default Google application and fail. The page just doesn’t load. I guess it’s a problem with Google app then.

The Google app has one great disadvantage which hasn’t been addressed since it was created. It’s not a standard app. That makes it ridiculously difficult to control when using the phone. Switching between apps very often makes the app disappear and you always lose any state of the app you had. So it is very hard for example to read news, which is one of the core functionalities (considering Google actually made it as a separate desktop when you swipe left on your home screen).