classes – How do I call a whole constructor back in one line? c++

I’m new to C++ and wanting to find a way to return a whole constructor in one go. Rather than doing (from my example code) std::cout<<book3.pages<<<<book3.title; – is there a working version of – std::cout<<book3; ?

Please see the code here:

#include <iostream>

class Book{

        std::string title;
        std::string author;
        int pages;
    Book(std::string aTitle, std::string aAuthor, int aPages){
        title = aTitle;
        author = aAuthor;
        pages = aPages;

int main(){
    Book book1("Harry Potter", "JK Rowling", 500);
    Book book2("Lord of the Rings", "Tolkein", 750);
    Book book3("Hunger Games", "Author for Book", 250);

return 0;