client – Is there a wiki that compares different purses?

I'm new here, so please let me go easy if my question is not written to your standards. If you ask me for changes, I will do it so that my question is more appropriate for this SE.

If you look at the comparison of Wikipedia's numerical analysis software or the comparison of smartphones from Wikipedia, you'll quickly see information (such as whether the software supports GPUs or just CPUs, or what year the software was first published) is not available elsewhere. But it is probably unsurpassed how well organized it is.

I wonder if there is such a wiki (a website where users can make their own changes, not necessarily at Wikipedia) to compare different cryptocurrency purses. For example, the table may contain information such as. For example, the year in which the wallet was first available, whether there is currently a charge for transactions, etc.

Wikipedia has a list of cryptocurrencies, but there does not seem to be a list of purses.

There is a Bitcoin-specific wiki site that contains a page about "wallets", but it only lists wallet formatsso none of the top wallets listed above such as Coinbase and RobinHood are listed there.

I did some research before I came here.

1) Is there a comparison between the different purses of – is specific to
2) Is there a website that compares the features of different cryptocoins? – ask for Cryptocoins, not for purses (and have no answers).
3) Comparison of different active cryptocurrencies – asks for different coins, not for purses.

Question (1) did not end as closed, but the comments read: "Questions that look for product or service recommendations are inappropriate because they are quickly outdated, so describe your situation and the specific problem you're trying to address to solve."

So I'm not looking for a product recommendation, but I'm wondering if there is a page where I can easily study the different products myself. Such a page would not become "fast obsolete" because users can constantly update it on a wiki to add new wallets or remove unwanted features. I started this research because I wanted to find something like RobinHood, but no SSN card from the US or Coinbase was required without having to receive SMS (I only have a landline phone) but still allowed free transactions, but a link to a wiki page would be enough if I can not directly ask if the wallet you want is present or not.