cognitive load – What’s the rationale behind Paypal’s amount input?

This is something I’ve always wanted to ask because it’s really frustrating for me.

If you use Paypal, you will see that when you try to send money, the Amount input requires to enter the cents or decimals. Look at the picture below

Enter image description here

In this real case, I had to send $160. On most apps, you enter $160. On Paypal you have to enter 16000 or you send $1.60. I’ve had this error once or twice, and now I’m very careful to double and triple check because I sometimes enter an extra 0.

I’ve never seen this before (although I’ve started to see this AFTER Paypal started to do it ). Based on the principles of intentionality in UX, if I wanted to add decimals, I would use floating point and then add decimals. So I’m wondering why they would do something so confusing and if there is some sort of rationale that I’m not aware of

Also, from a Universal UX theory perspective, this is a fail. Paypal knows my country and my language. So they should know that floating point has a whole different meaning for me (we use commas for decimals). Therefore, it’s an even bigger cognitive load. This is a small consideration in the grand scheme of things, but pretty striking when you consider such an important company.

Anyway, is there some kind of explanation from Paypal or a rationale I’m not getting (maybe because of cross-cultural barriers?)? Or is it just an anti-pattern?