Coin mixer of the new generation (BTC, BCH, LTC, ETH)

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Innovative stealth system from

– This is a system for the protection of personal data in the Bitcoin environment with an integrated mixing mechanism and the possibility of direct exchange of miners and stock exchanges.
– This is not another copy of the forgotten Bitmixer, whose analogues have remained in development and daily exposing their customers to danger and approaching decanonymisation.
– We present you a new mixer generation! Currently available for exchange: BTC, BCH, LTC, ETH.
– It really is the best way to keep the source of the cryptocurrency that you receive quiet.


– Mining directly to your personal wallet
Coins end up in your wallet as a reward for making a block as if you were a miner yourself. These coins have no history and are therefore absolutely anonymous.

– Coins directly from the stock exchange
You get a really clean digital currency with a good history.

– 4 crypto currencies – Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, LiteCoin, Ethereum
Do not lose extra money for unnecessary stock market trades

– Sybil attack protection
Nobody can mix their coins with customer coins.

– Unmatched ranking system for wallets
Direct correlation of wallet level and data protection level.

– The most powerful randomization algorithm
After chain depth, time offset and fee.

– Prices for all occasions
From the fastest to the safest.

– 100% service guarantee
There is no way to track the chain of transactions using existing services.

– No track, no logs, no registration
The highest level of privacy that a service can provide. No cookies, no fingerprints.

– No Javascript required
Fast speed, minimal visualization

– Public API
No registration required

– door mirror
For more privacy.

Based on the amount of money and the level of privacy you require, we offer different rates – details below. For your convenience, we provide brief information about our rates in the order form so that you can select any price immediately before the transaction, taking into account the current rates.
Coins of doubtful origin do not come to you at will. You can be quiet about the origin of the digital currency you receive.

1) "Default"
The most popular service plan. The coins will be transferred within 30 minutes. You can use a wallet.

2) "Exchange-Mix"
Standard service plan The coins are transferred from the system wallets and from the exchange to the customer.

3) "Exchange only"
Increased security Coins are only transferred from the exchange to the customer. It is not permissible to exchange doubtful coins in the stock exchanges we have selected. You get a really clean digital currency with a good history.

4) "Miner Mix"
High security level. The coins are handed over by miners and exchanged to the customer. Will be available soon.

5) "Only miners"
Highest security level. Coins end up in your wallet as a reward for making a block as if you were a miner yourself. Coins obtained through mining have no in-depth transactions in their history. This means that you will receive absolutely anonymous, newly created coins without a history. Will be available soon.

Our solutions are really the best way to ensure the origin of the coins!

– Do not use js. Make sure there are no Google Analytics, fingerprinting tools and xss. Use our website in a mode without js!
– Do not use retreating by transferring private keys from prepared addresses with the same amounts – this is easy to track and if your session is compromised, you can lose your money!
– Do not use coupons! With the voucher you link all your addresses, otherwise nobody can find out!
– Do not use sessions!
– We do not indicate the mix status based on sessions or other identifiers. If this data is compromised, your translation will be anonymized!
– To create a warranty letter, a private key from the wallet must be stored, which creates the signature on the server of the mixer. If the mixer is compromised, its customers may issue wrong addresses and warranty letters. We sign the addresses that we give customers to computers that are not connected to the Internet and unload the signatures along with the wallets
on our server. This ensures that addresses given to customers can not be affected in any way by a third party (intelligence or hacker), provided that the customer verifies the signature.
– Always use a random commission (within the tariff) charged for the services of our system. This makes it difficult to get in and out
outgoing transactions
– Use a commission at random each time, calculate the miner for the entire transaction in a block. This makes it difficult to get in and out
outgoing transactions
– Use TOR for push transactions in the blockchain network. That way, you can not track the source that generates the transactions and link them via IP
– Do not use external services to check the balance of incoming addresses !!!

– Do not use 1: 1 transactions! It destroys all your mixing efforts
– Do not use fast transactions! The greater the delay between incoming and outgoing transactions, the greater the privacy
– Do not use previously used addresses as receive addresses! It increases the privacy of the translation
– Always use TOR!

More information can be found on our website:


TOR MIRROR: http://bitmaximumgnmsaf.onion

Each newly generated wallet address is signed with our unique Bitcoin wallet address. The transaction can easily be checked using Blockchain 1BiTmaximumP5kKuEx7hgZkWwj13tvSNbo

We support our customers with a secure e-mail service. This service uses end-to-end encryption and zero access for user data, encrypting the data at all stages.
If you have questions about our service or the status of the transaction, please contact us using the email address below.

[email protected]

Current contacts can be found here:

No registration required
To TOR: http://bitmaximumgnmsaf.onion/de/api

To make it impossible to parse all warranty letters through the blockchain and consume us and our customers, the system is designed so that the warranty letter does not appear immediately after the transaction. It appears with a delay of 5-10 minutes.

If you share our values, if privacy is not an empty word for you, if you are ready to cooperate, come to us.
If you are a miner, we can offer you the exclusive conditions. If you would like to become a partner, we will gladly send you an offer and answer all your questions.

Come with and together We really make the network free and secure!