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Begin: 18/11/2018

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Coingates, based in the UK, is the world's first automated crypto trading platform. We offer an opportunity for those who have neither knowledge nor resources to operate crypto independently and with confidence. Our service is automated, but behind it are real people like you – our team is made up of the industry's most experienced dealers, and your satisfaction is our goal.

2.6% – 3.30% – 4.20% daily throughout the life

Mediation Commission:

Payment processors:
Bitcoin, Ethereum, LiteCoin, BitCoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, Doge, Dash.

Minimum deposit:
0.001 BTC

Minimum redemption:
0.0005 BTC

DDOS Protection
Licensed Goldcoders script
Unique design

Our deposit:
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BTC amount: 0.018 BTC
Hash: 782854b3ba02b1a52036fddb2765c1fd97e8c87e8d977def0ec00d202a263e94
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