command line – Filter output and set variable

I would like to run a bash script which invokes a command and then sets a variable in the script with a part of the output from the first command. In my case I would like to set the variable URL to

gcloud run deploy loady

# echo $URL <--- how to set this with the output from the above command

When I run my script (example output):

karl@Karls-MacBook-Pro ~ $ ./
Deploying container to Cloud Run service (loady) in project (loady) region (us-central1)
✓ Deploying new service... Done.                                                               
  ✓ Creating Revision...                                                                       
  ✓ Routing traffic...                                                                         
  ✓ Setting IAM Policy...                                                                      
Service (loady) revision (loady-00001-nod) has been deployed and is serving 100 percent of traffic.
Service URL:

So as you can see, the last line there.