commerce – Reload Add to Cart form – Ajax issue

I am using this Add to Cart Ajax module to enable ajax on all AddToCart buttons. This works and makes all addToCart buttons use Ajax when adding a product.

The issue is, if you are on a product page that has variations, as you select and add variations, they should accumelate in the cart, as to be expected. But they don’t. What’s happening is the last added item always replaces the previous added item in the cart.

I think this happens because the page does not refresh while you change and add variations, it all happens with Ajax. Maybe the add to cart form needs to be reloaded/re-created on every addToCart (Which i think is happening anyway!!).

I can subscribe to the addToCart event but…

How do I go about re-creating the addtocart form so that the next time I click “Add to Cart” it won’t replace the previous added product, but add a new product to the cart?

Or do you think there is another explanation to this problem?

Drupal 9.1.10
Commerce 8.x-2.24
Commerce AddToCart Ajax 8.x-1.0