compensation – How do I check the true cause of a flight cancellation?

(DUS=Düsseldorf, FRA=Frankfurt, MAN=Manchester, NCL=Newcastle, PRN=Prishtina, VIE=Vienna)

Originally had a Eurowings booking PRN-DUS-NCL and a rail ticket Newcastle-Manchester, whereby I would’ve landed at NCL at 10:40, then reached Manchester at 14:20.

15 days before departure, the DUS-NCL flight was cancelled and I was re-booked to PRN-DUS-MAN, whereby I would’ve landed at MAN at 14:40.

3 days before departure, the PRN-DUS flight was cancelled.

1 day before departure, I was re-booked to PRN-VIE-FRA-MAN with Austrian+Lufthansa (I understood Eurowings wouldn’t do this willingly, but made it clear straight away that I would drag them to court if they tried conning me, and they got the hint). Ended up with this and landed at MAN at 22:55.

A week ago I e-mailed asking for:

  • EUR 400 compensation per EC261
  • Reimbursement for the unusable, nonrefundable rail ticket Newcastle-Manchester (GBP 10.55).

I told them that, should extraordinary circumstances per EC261 apply, they are to provide a detailed explanation with relevant documentation. I added that I may check the accuracy of their information with the relevant authorities, “adivising against” giving incorrect/misleading information.

(airlines will happily claim “since there happens to be an ongoing pandemic, everything counts as an extraordinary circumstance, so you can’t claim for anything ever”. This is emphatically NOT true.)

FWIW, the PRN-DUS route wasn’t cancelled altogether, just reduced. I made screenshots proving it took off two days before and one day after my date.

I got a “read” receipt very quickly, but no response yet.

NOW, my question is: what German authority can check whether an airline is being truthful about the reason for a cancellation? The EU’s list of national enforcement bodies refers to the Luftfahrt-Bundesamt, but someone told me they only accept cases where there’s concrete evidence of an airline violating EC261, not examining whether an airline is truthful or not.

Third-party agents such as Claimcompass do deal with such examinations, but would keep 35% for themselves, so I want to avoid going through them if at all possible.

So in summary: what authority in Germany do I turn to? Or is it perhaps the Kosovan civil aviation authority?