complex – Using callout[] to create a plane

I want to create a plane that represents $15$ powers of complex number: $a$1$= (10/7)*(Cos(Pi/10) + i*Sin(Pi/10)) $. I also want to label the points with the text “a to power k” where $k$ will be the power I elevate $a$. The axes need to be labeled as $R$ for Real and $I$ for imaginary part of number. This is what I have

a1 = (10/7)*(Cos(Pi/10) + I*Sin(Pi/10));
valuesa1 = Table(a1^k, {k, 0, 12});
ListPlot(Table(Callout(a1^k), {k, 0, 12}), AxesLabel -> {R, I})

My goal is to observe the points corresponding to the consecutive powers of the complex number. However, for some reason, not all the points are present on the graph.