composer – Acquia Dev Desktop create-project Fails With 404 Error at Repository

I am using a brand new installation of Acquia Dev Desktop on Windows 10. When I try to use composer to create a new project I get the following output using the -vvv option:

composer create-project drupal/drupal-project:8.x    hhc  --no-interaction  --no-install  -vvv 

Writing C:/Users/JimD/AppData/Local/Composer/repo/https— into cache

Could not find package drupal/recommended-project with version 8.x.

This happens with both composer versions 1.10 and 2.0.7.
I have tried all of the following and got the same result after each.

  • composer clear-cache

  • upgrade from version 1.10.13 to 2.0.7

  • clear-cache and composer reloaded all the .json files from repository in to cache.

  • Uninstalled Acquia and removed all file folders related to composer.

  • Tried different --stability options

  • Tried installing project for other platform

    composer create-project -n concrete5/composer dreamrs –no-install -vvv

Tried repositories and

In every case I get the “Could not find package” error.

Latest effort, I downloaded the recommended-project.json file, put it in an empty folder and ran composer install -vvv. I got a 404 error for every package. Here are some examples:



Any idea what is going on here? I can download other packges such as hirak/prestissimo and grasmash/composerize-drupal.