composer – How target specific version of fork based merge request (MR) patch

I’m upgrading the core from 9.1.7 to 9.2.5, however there’s a patch I don’t how to upgrade.

This is the relative issue. The file 2897638-48.patch is currently used.
The patch’s work meanwhile proceed and was integrated in the “fork based merge request (MR)” system.

I opened a issue in the past on the general use of the MR system, read this one and the documentation of Drupal site, so at least I know how to get the latest patch file.
However it doesn’t aplly, because I suppose it has been target for the 9.3 version.

Reading the commits’ list I’d like to try to install the patch at the commit eaa43b0c10c6fff8595d72d23c0f40a028bf0a71 (“Cleanup leftover.”), because it looks to me it’s the last one before the switch to the 9.3 branch.

However I don’t know if and how I can get the .patch file of that specific revision.