computer building – How can I build the lowest temperature media PC which handle 4k with any HDR?

I live a room where the average temp. is around 35-40C degree and it’s not easy.
I also have now a AMD Buldozer(FX8350) PC which not helping this situation at all in summer.
I would like to change, so I need a PC which has the lowest temp on the market,but has the same ports or more ports as my current machine.
Current SPEC:

  • Asrock Extreme 4 Motherboard
  • FX8350 CPU with Dark Rock Pro 4 cooler
  • 12GB DDR3 RAM
  • Radeon RX550 VGA
  • A Corsair 500W Power Supply 80+ bronze
  • 6 HIGH capacity SATA drive(wich some times reach 60C degree it’s realy bad)

I need a tone of USB (at least 12) and SATA port on the board, and shameless 4K UHD playback with any HDR format (HDCP 2.2 or at least 2.1 support) and I don’t need for gaming. I searched a lot online but it’s just so many sponsored video and posts online, I’m not find independent, trusted solution for my problem.
The performance not realy important, but the system need to handle the 24 hour working situation (my current system can do that, that’s why i’m not changed over time).
The budget not decided, because i don’t know how much cost a system like that, but since a FX pc is almost good for me I don’t want to spend too much for the upgrade.
Also, mediums like Linus media group, which leading in this territory not realy carreing about the final system temp on build video, so I need help to build a PC which can be turn without i’m dieing on the room 😀