conditional formatting – google sheets formating

I have a workbook in google sheets and it is for a schedule for my company so I have a few sheets in my workbook that have the days of certain weeks and then one more tab that has inventory information. What I am looking to be able to do is type in the WO number into one of the week sheets and then type that into the WO spot on the inventory tab and in that same row on the inventory sheet there will be check boxes we click on that will change the color of the cell on the schedule so we can see whats happening with the WO on the schedule and dont have to shift over to inventory sheet every time we want to see where a house is at in the process.

I hope that makes sense and i greatly appreciate the help!

Here is a link to it–pNmdsg2C3-wm6q5FfFsINlKFQkrk/edit#gid=0