configurable product – GraphQL Error in Magento 2.4.1: Cannot query field “uid” on type “ConfigurableProductOptionsValues”

I’m having trouble getting the uid for my Configurable product options via GraphQL.

Testing with this simplified query:

    products(filter: { url_key: { eq: "test-product" } }) {
        items {
            ... on ConfigurableProduct {
                configurable_options {
                    values {

Remove uid and the query works fine. With it, the response is Error: Cannot query field "uid" on type "ConfigurableProductOptionsValues".

Similarly, I have the same issue with
and attribute_uid (attribute_id and attribute_id_v2 both work, but the docs suggest using attribute_uid instead)

Even if I use the exact examples in the documentation, I get the same error.

Is this an environment setup issue? Or maybe the documentation is incorrect? Can’t figure it out. Thanks for any help.