configuration management – Back up arbitrary config files on linux servers in RANCID

I use RANCID to back up router and switch configurations.

I’d also like to be able to have it take automatic backups of configuration files on my servers so I can easily see when changes occur and if something breaks, revert to the last known config.

There are a number of approaches to this, but RANCID has everything I’m looking for in terms of features and I already use it, so it would be ideal if I could have it built in to that.

I see this question from 9 years ago asking the same thing and the top answer pretty much just says “build your own module” – I’ve had a look at the RANCID modules and I can’t wrap my head around how to do that, so looking to see if in the past 9 years if anyone knows of a module that’s now out there for this.