Configure Cntlm to use no proxy if none are available in 2021

Found an old question (8 years ago) about this re: cntlm – and the answer was it’s “on the roadmap” – so wondering if anyone has driven there yet?

The problem is simple – on a corporate machine. When I connect to the vpn – I have to use the corporate proxy. When I am not connected to the vpn – I have to not use it. I want to be able to setup everything to talk to proxy in the way that it all works, all the time – and I do not want to have to do an action or anything every time I connect or disconnect from the vpn.

so – really, I want to setup cntlm to point to Proxy X – but have it go directly if X isn’t available. I know I can setup squid and provide it as a second proxy, but I end up having a lot of extra stuff running on my machine.