Consul proxy sidecar, peer certificate mismatch

I’m trying to connect two services web and db(mysql) use the tutorial in Secure Service Communication with Consul Service Mesh and Envoy | Consul – HashiCorp Learn as model.

When I try to connect from web into db got this lines on web proxy:

2021-04-07T20:56:29.207Z (ERROR) proxy.upstream: failed to dial: error="peer certificate mismatch got spiffe://b350502d-bd86-a715-6595-9260183bb7c2.consul/ns/default/dc/dc1/svc/web, want spiffe:///ns/default/dc/dc1/svc/db"

and this line on db proxy:

2021-04-07T20:56:36.991Z (ERROR) proxy.inbound: connection failed: error=EOF

I use this line to run the proxy on web:

consul connect proxy -sidecar-for web

And this line for db:

consul connect proxy -sidecar-for db_service

Thanks in advance