contacts – VCF files to Galaxy S7

As you have the contacts in form of .vcf file(s), you can use the Contacts app’s native import functionality:

  1. Start the contacts app
  2. Tap the “3-dot-menu” (top-right of the screen)
  3. From the drop-down menu that opens, chose “import/export”¹
  4. On the next page, chose “Import from SD card”²
  5. A file browser should open and let you chose the file to import. Pick your .vcf file
  6. Now your contacts should be imported. If you have multiple files, repeat above steps.

Visualisation of the process (click image for larger variant)

¹ if there is no “import/export” directly in that menu, check the sub-menus – e.g. Manage contacts or Settings
² might be phrased slightly different, like “import from internal storage”