Contest – $100 logotype design contest

Hi DP designers,

I’d like to open up a contest for the logotype design of my future brand (and yes, you’ve read it right – logotype).

Name: Joyn
Category: fintech
Color: blue (lighter versions)
Logo style: as it says, we are looking for logotype, so please don’t add any unneccessary icons, abbreviations, or marks/symbols.

Joyn stands for join (obviously) and as such, we would like for you to find a way how to clearly show it in logo. One of the ideas is to find a way and connect or merge (o and y) letters into one. If you have some other idea, please show us.

Contest will be run until Oct 30, or until we find the entry we’d like to use. Entry feedback will be provided every 72 hours for each submission. Please post your entries publicly in this thread.

Payment will be made within 7 days after the winner is chosen, to any preferred payout method. In case we really love the idea from the winner, he will have exclusive access to any future contests prior public availability.

PS logo will be used in printed version and high res as well, so please make sure to include all possible formats.

Let the contest begin. Good luck!