Contest – $20 to create icon

I’ll pay $20 to make an icon urgently!
The icon should be used just as be Aloise does on the elastics – she has the bow.

It must be a “diamond” of some kind.

Then the elastic icon can be in that shape as well – and at the same time the icon can be placed over our Logo.

Do you see what I mean?

We like the arches on the diamond – where I have made markings. It gives it a belt over the middle that is quite nice

The mold must not be too wide much, as it must also be used to make spacers on the elastic.

But the drawing should not be freehand. It must be completely symmetrical
This other diamond is also nice – but a little too wide and lacks the arches

Does it make sense? Hope you understand?

Can you design the diamond and send it now for review?