conversion – How to Create an ISO Capturing a Windows 10 Installation

I have installed and customized Windows 10 on my desktop computer. I want to create an ISO that captures this installation, including all its settings and installed software.

I plan to load this ISO onto a single-boot USB drive, using Rufus, or onto a multiboot USB drive, using YUMI. I will then boot and run my customized desktop Windows 10 installation from the USB drive, as if I had installed Windows on that drive.

If there is no way to capture a Windows 10 installation directly into an ISO, is there a way to convert the output of some other relevant tool to ISO? For example, there seems to be an option of saving drive C as a VHD and then converting the VHD to ISO. But it appears the latter step requires either a $40 purchase of IsoBuster (if indeed it can produce what I want) or a tricky manual process.